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Tara-medium.com is a bogus astrologer. I trusted her to give me guidance in specific areas of my life.

Her reading was extremely vague and her reading was very costly. Please do not make the same mistake I made and use bogus astrologers online. It is a shame that these people exploit the trust and kindness of others. They tell you that they understand your financial hardships, then turn around and rob you themselves.

I did not want to win the lottery, I just wanted guidance in my personal love life. That information was the least information that was included in my reading. Her free reading was almost identical to the one I paid for.

She also mentioned that April 4th 2011 would be a specific date in my future that would be very special, she did not mention this date at all in the reading i paid for. I am now going to withdraw all of the money from my debit card in hopes that she doesn't rob me for that too.

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i have never been interested in giving my hard earned money to a stranger on-line or on a boardwalk. they have no more of an idea about your future than the statue of a civil war general sitting on a bronze horse next to the reflecting pool a fortune teller asks such broad questions that expeience has taught her include 95% of the people foolish enough.

in these days of more earthquakes and floods and their frequency tell us in the gospels that Jesus will be coming down to earth, sending the good to heaven and fighting the bad and casting them into the eternal damnation. like bob dylan said in one of his reflective song as father time gets closer to running out of sand, he said" i'm just trying to get to heaven before they close the door

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